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ExtremePak Heavy-Duty Backpack Review

ExtremePak Heavy-Duty Water Resistant Digital Camo Army Backpack 01The ExtremePak Heavy-Duty Water Resistant Digital Camo Army Backpack is a wonderful solution for carrying your gear. And customer reaction seems to agree that, for the price, this multiple zippered pocket product is one of the best choices you can make when it comes to a hiking bag. Yet, its flexibility also makes it an excellent choice for a boys backpack that can be used for daily travel tasks.

Designed from the finest nylon material, the Camo Army Backpack has a cavernous interior mesh pocket. It will certainly hold everything you could possible need, whether you’re going to school or work, heading out for a long trek in the woods or preparing to take a trip. The pocket is padded to maximize the protection of all your gear. Measuring 12½ inches x 19 inches x 6½ inches, it has heavy duty buckles with adjustable shoulder straps. The shoulder straps are detachable. (click here to find out more backpack made of nylon)



The Camo Army Backpack has MOLLE rigging. That’s a rigging used in load bearing equipment utilized by NATO armed forces. It’s actually become the go to standard for a lot of modular tactical gear. The system is founded in the stitching of heavy duty rows of nylon and attachments of compatible pouches and accessories that make the systems strong and accessible. That means the Camo Army Backpack is a unique piece of inventory for daily tasks as well as both sports and outdoor adventures. In fact, the Camo Army Backpack is a favorite among military personnel, especially the British and American armies.

The Camo Army Backpack is water resistant. Don’t confuse that with waterproofing. This product has a coating that helps keep your gear safe and dry under most circumstances. It hasn’t been designed for submersion or for being set in puddles or high snow. It has been tested thoroughly and will definitely keep moisture out. Yet the Camo Army Backpack has not been engineered to stand up to large bodies of water. While there are plenty of other backpacks made in USA that will fit the bill, the Camo Army Backpack still has its features that put it a cut above the competition.

ExtremePak Heavy-Duty Water Resistant Digital Camo Army Backpack 02When in the market for a good backpack, approach it as if you are buying a shirt or pair of pants. There is casual wear and formal wear. There should be comfort and a good fit. Casual wear would be a backpack that is going to be utilized for daily wear, such as carrying school books, gym wear and MP3 players. In terms of backpacks, formal wear would be a backpack needed for heavy travel. This would be everything from mountain climbing, cycling and other outdoor adventures.

Once you’ve determined what you need the bag for, take a look at sizes, features, materials. While the bag should be large enough to carry all your gear, it should also fold neatly so it can be conveniently put away. The Camo Army Backpack can be folded into a neat box, making it an excellent traveling backpack that can be stuffed into other luggage. That can be useful, giving you an extra bag to carry items needed during the trip or that can be used on the return trip for souvenirs and gifts purchased on the trip. Fortunately, the Camo Army Backpack is all these things and more.

The backpack should definitely be roomy and padded for content protection. It should be made of durable material and, at the very least, water resistant if not waterproof. If not, look for a waterproof backpack cover or cape specifically for that product.

ExtremePak produces and sells a series of high quality backpacks, duffle bags, totes and luggage sets, mostly for every day needs. All their products come with a one year warranty. That means they stand behind the Camo Army Backpack, confident you will be happy with its versatility and comfortable fit. With its impressive MOLLE rigging, it promises to be a reinforced environment for all your gear, from laptops to clothing to food and outdoor necessities.


ExtremePak Heavy-Duty Water Resistant Digital Camo Army Backpack 03ExtremePak knows good gear. It’s why military personnel prefer the Camo Army Backpack to most any other backpack. Yet the product has such incredibly functionality it serves equally as a boys backpack for school or college. It can be used for such outdoor activities as hiking, hunting, camping and cross country travel. With its multiple zippered pockets, heavy duty buckles, padding, adjustable shoulder straps and interior mesh pocket, the ExtremePak Heavy-Duty Water Resistant Digital Camo Army Backpack is a popular model for all the right reasons.