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DryCASE Waterproof Backpack Review

DryCASE Waterproof Backpack  02DryCASE Waterproof Backpack  03The DryCASE Backpack is a great option for anyone seeking a larger capacity bag for day hikes and as a secondary bag while camping. Made of an extremely waterproof material, this backpack is both durable and useful thanks to its large capacity and easy access. Designed to be perfect for a multitude of different situations and environments, this backpack is equipped with a number of different features that make it stand out among its competition.

Just a few of the unique features of this bag are:

  • 100% waterproof backpack design
  • Useful purge valve which allows the bag to be inflated or deflated
  • Purge valve can be used to drain water from the bag if it is used as a camping shower or cooler
  • 30 L main compartment for maximum storage (click here to check more 30L backpacks)
  • Has a second internal pocket for holding smaller items which need to be waterproofed
  • External mesh pocket
  • Drink holders on the sides of the bag
  • Comfortably padded shoulder straps

For anyone who needs to carry a good amount of gear for a long period of time would be lucky to have this lightweight waterproof backpack. It’s extremely durable design makes it the perfect backpack for any time of outdoor situation from biking to hiking out into the wilderness.


Why I Like It?

I started using the DryCASE when I purchased it for a camping trip with my girlfriend and a few of our other friends. Where we were going has a history of unexpected rainfall, and I wanted to make sure I had a quality waterproof camping backpack to protect my stuff in the event of sudden rain. I went with this bag because of a number of good reviews for similar uses, some saying it’s one of the best waterproof hiking packs on the market. I will have to say that I was pleasantly surprised.

DryCASE Waterproof Backpack  06DryCASE Waterproof Backpack  04We were out camping in a wooded area for three days, and this pack was my constant companion throughout the trip. It is definitely one of the best durable backpacks that I have owned, and it definitely held up its waterproof reputation this time. On the second day, my buddy and I had waded out into the river to fish. Not too far, but just far enough from shore to get a cast right out into the middle. As I moved, I slipped on the rocks on the bottom of the riverbed and fell right over. My DryCASE bag was briefly dipped in the water and lived to tell the tale. Once I opened it up, I found that the interior storage area was completely dry – including our lunches I had brought as well as my cellphone.

I have been using this back ever since for my hiking and camping trips. It is definite one of the best waterproof hiking packs that I have found for day hikes where you’re potentially going to get wet. This lightweight waterproof backpack is comfortable to wear and easy to bring with you for long hikes too.

What Negatives Does It Have?

DryCASE Waterproof Backpack  05I find this the perfect waterproof camping backpack, but I don’t find it very functional in the city. For commuters seeking a good backpack for daily use, this may not be the right one. Although its large opening makes it a breeze to get specific items in and out, its lack of numerous pockets compared to other city backpacks makes it less effective as separating small items. This makes the bag even better for outdoor activities though because it allows it to hold large items then other types of backpacks will.

Why You Should Choose the DryCASE?

All in all, the DryCASE Backpack is one of the best durable backpacks out there for any type of outdoor enthusiast. This pack is perfect for trips on the boat, in the kayak, on the trail or even falling down into streams. If you’ve looked at numerous waterproof hiking packs and have not found one that suits your needs, take a closer look at this bag. This lightweight waterproof backpack has all of the amenities that anyone spending time outdoors can need. Not only is it useful, it is also very durable. Designed to last for many years to come, this bag can stand up to most of the rugged conditions you’ll encounter out there. From its ability to store a large capacity of gear to being able to protect it all from contact with water and the elements, this DryCASE product is the perfect fit for nearly any situation.


DryCASE Waterproof Backpack  01