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High Sierra Loop Backpack Review

High Sierra Loop Backpack 07High Sierra Loop Backpack 06If you are looking for one of the best backpacks to buy that is durable at a very low cost, your search is finally over. One of the world’s most trendy top back packs, the High Sierra Loop Backpack, is now available at a great price. The design of the Loop Backpack has made it popular amongst a wide range of users. It has a wonderful, aesthetic look and is available in various colors. The High Sierra Loop Backpack was built with many compartments to keep its wearer organized, which makes it a great bag for anyone like me who tends to lose things very easily when they just get thrown into a single pocket.

This backpack is designed with two pouches along with three areas which are all large enough to hold gear and books. On the front of the bag there is a large hook for anything that needs to be hung from the backpack. One of the big advantages I noticed while testing it out was its comfy straps and durable fabric. The High Sierra Loop Backpack is one of the most popular backpacks to buy right now among students, commuters and those who need to occasionally carry things with them during the day.



There are so many pockets that it is a great asset to anyone who needs help organizing their belongings. Unlike other, single pocket backpacks, the Loop makes it easy to remember what is where by offering so many different specialized locations and pockets for your gear. Another benefit is the fact that neck comfort was taken into consideration when High Sierra Loop Backpack was built to ensure a comfortable wear. This is one of the best quality backpacks to buy for the casual user.

High Sierra Loop Backpack Features:

Become the envy of everyone with the stylish and practical High Sierra Loop Backpack. This backpack was built with fashion and functionality in mind. The High Sierra Loop Backpack is the ultimate backpack for both business and pleasure for a number of different reasons, including:

  • Countless color options
  • Designed with multiple compartments for easy access
  • Small pocket designed for MP3 player with ports for headphones
  • Extra gear can be attached with built on monster hook and bottom straps
  • Mesh pockets for water bottles on both sides
  • Accessory hanging pocket
  • Multiple pocket organizer compartment and a key fob
  • Padded shoulder straps and stress-reducing design to ensure the ultimate comfort
  • Back panel with comfortable padding
  • Measures 14.5 in. High x 19.5 in. Wide x 8.25 in. deep (click here to find out more backpack in this size)

High Sierra Loop Backpack 05High Sierra Loop Backpack 04The High Sierra Loop Backpack is easy to use: simply pack the backpack, slip it on and head out of the house. This backpack is very versatile and its high storage capacity will keep its shape while going through the conditions of nearly any journey. This backpack is very spacious and its multi-compartment design can hold an array of clothes, books and any other essentials. This is one of the top backpacks for daily use and is prepared to meet whatever challenges the wearer may encounter during the day. The Loop backpack from High Sierra is padded for comfort and designed and built to minimize weight allowing the user to carry and pack more.

This bag has been designed specifically to make it easier to carry accessories such as MP3 player, cell phone and has an extra gear that enables the carrier to be virtually hands free while traveling with a lot of supplies. The sides of the bag have mesh pockets that holds easy to reach snacks and drinks. The High Sierra Loop Backpack is the ultimate all-purpose backpack for travel, school, treks and other everyday use.



  • Lasting Fabric that doesn’t easily wear out
  • Durable and will keep firm if dropped multiple times
  • Very light (when empty weighs around 1.5 pounds)
  • Straps well-padded for comfort


  • If repeatedly snagged on sharp surfaces, the fabric may tear
  • Not large enough for rugged outdoor use

Is the High Sierra Loop Backpack a Good Buy

High Sierra Loop Backpack 02High Sierra Loop Backpack 01All in all, it’s one of the best backpacks of its type on the market. This is a great backpack for daily use. Whether you’re heading to and from work, school or just out on the town, the High Sierra Loop backpack is a great and affordable choice. With its quality reputation and range of colors, there is a model of this bag for everyone. If you’re looking for a backpack with enough capacity to fit your everyday needs, while remaining stylish enough to be seen around town, the Loop is your perfect choice.