Seattle Sports Co. Aquaknot Dry Bag Backpack Review

Seattle Sports Co. Aquaknot Dry Bag Backpack 02In the outdoor pack market, there is a lot of competition to deal with in order to become the best sports backpack. Seattle Sports Co. has created a pretty good contender for that title with their Aquaknot Dry Bag Backpack. This Seattle Sports Co. Aquaknot Dry Bag Backpackby Seattle Sportswas designed with the needs of a true outdoors person in mind. With plenty of room and rugged durability, the Aquaknot waterproof backpack can be used in a myriad of different situations.

What Makes It So Great?

Seattle Sports Co. put a lot of research and work hours into designing and creating this Seattle Sports Co. Aquaknot Dry Bag Backpackby Seattle Sports. Between expert craftsmanship and top of the line materials, this is ideal for various outdoor sports ranging from biking to kayaking to fishing. Wherever you go and need to bring gear with you, the Aquaknot is a great fit. Its compact design allows it to be easily worn while still providing maximum storage capacity among other packs in its price class.

A few of the specific features of this bag are:

  • Padded backing that has a unique design promoting airflow to ensure maximum comfort
  • Outside pockets to store items on both sides of the pack
  • Reflective patches to ensure safety at nightSeattle Sports Co. Aquaknot Dry Bag Backpack 01
  • Three way system for closing the pack to fit any security and convenience needs
  • Study long lasting construction
  • Comes in both 22L and 29.5L models (click here for more models like this)
  • Weights between 2.2-2.6 pounds when empty, depending on the model
  • 22L model features dimensions of 24”x10”x16”
  • 29.5L model is 31”x10”x7”



Does It Pass the Test?

Seattle Sports Co. Aquaknot Dry Bag Backpack 05I was looking for a good waterproof backpack for a two night kayaking and camping adventure when I found this bag. Going on the good reputation of Seattle Sports Co., I decided to give the Aquaknot waterproof backpack a chance. Along with three friends we loaded out kayaks up with our gear and set out. I brought the Aquaknot as a secondary backpack for all of the things that absolutely needed to stay dry, like my cell phone and camera. There are three different settings on the bag, and I cinched down the bag’s top to ensure the highest level of waterproofness for this trip.

Luckily for me, the bag did not fall directly into the water at all during the kayaking, but did come in contact with moisture through many rough patches of the river. On the second day I nearly panicked when a few big splashes landed right in my kayak on top of the Aquaknot bag. I was eager to make sure that everything on the inside was alright, and I paddled over to the shoreline as soon as I was able. I was happy when I opened the backpack and found that all of my valuables were dry and safe. Sadly, some of my clothes in my full-sized backpack were not quite as lucky.

Throughout the trip, the bag did get a few scrapes and scratches from being lugged around onshore at the camp sites, but all in all fared fine. While not as durable as some other waterproof models, the Aquaknot from Seattle Sports Co. is perfectly fine for normal use. For those in extreme conditions whose bags regularly take a beating, the Aquaknot may be a second choice to a backpack that focuses on being indestructible. For most people though, the lasting rugged construction of this pack should be more than sufficient.

Seattle Sports Co. Aquaknot Dry Bag Backpack 03


The Good and the Bad

Overall, the Aquaknot is the best sports backpack for a number of different activities that required a lasting bag that will protect its contents from the elements.

A list of a few of the bags biggest positive features would include:Seattle Sports Co. Aquaknot Dry Bag Backpack 04

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Large storage area but still very compact and easily wearable pack
  • Kept my important gear dry, despite coming in contact with the water
  • Great as a daypack or secondary backpack for sensitive items

Some of the negatives I found with this bag are:

  • It could use additional pockets, even if they’re not waterproof
  • Not able to handle rough activities like mountaineering
  • Definitely an outdoor backpack – maybe not the best for city dwellers

Overall, I would definitely recommend this watertight backpack to anyone looking to carry goods which need to stay dry into the outdoors. Whether you’re fishing, camping or just going on a short day hike, the Aquaknot Dry Bag Backpack from Seattle Sports Co. is an excellent choice that has the capacity to hold your gear and supplies, and also keep them dry from water damage. My kayaking and camping experience with this bag was extremely positive and I won’t hesitate to use it again on future trips that pose a significant risk of water damage to my gear.

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