High Sierra Access Backpack Review

High Sierra Access Backpack 05High Sierra Access Backpack 06The High Sierra Access Backpack is easily considered one of the best day backs on the market. It’s been manufactured with some of the finest nylon materials available and engineered with practical and functional features, providing enough packing space for pretty much anything you could possibly need.

This product would make an ideal kid backpack. There is plenty of space for schoolbooks, tools, an extra sweater or shirt and gym clothes. Roomy and lightweight, it has an organizer compartment and a series of pockets. That includes designs specifically for pens, a lidded media pocket and a key fob. There’s also a built in padded compartment to carry a laptop or tablet, cushioned to protect the possession from shocks during travel.


The Access Backpack has a water resistant coating to help keep its contents dry and safe. The front compartment has a side access zipper. There’s also a mesh beverage compartment on one side. Besides the special place for a laptop, the back also contains an accessible media pocket for holding personal devices like PDAs, cell phones as well as MP3 players and headphones.

High Sierra Access Backpack 07High Sierra Access Backpack 08These brilliant, colorful backpacks are designed with S-shaped VAPEL mesh AIRFLOW padded shoulder straps. It’s an exceptional suspension system that allows for a comfortable and fit wear for balance. There’s an adjustable sternum strap. The back panel with a tuck away waist belt and mesh padded grab handle allows a choice of how to carry the backpack. It’s also equipped with a rain cover for maximum protection in foul weather.

With these great features, it’s not surprising that the Access Backpack is highly recommended as an outdoor backpack. With over 2,800 cubic inches of organized packing space, this is an ideal solution for hiking, cycling, mountain climbing and other adventures. It’s said the Access Backpack has more compartments than most people will ever use, meaning there’s more than enough room for anything and everything you could need. (click here to find more backpacks similar to this one)

High Sierra Access Backpack 01High Sierra Access Backpack 02There are a few downsides to the Access Backpack. Without a waterproof bottom, one has to be careful when it’s set down. Some have mentioned the pre-sized pockets limit exactly what can be stored in them, i.e., the top pocket will hold an MP3 player or iPod, but not much else. While the manufacturer states a 17 inch laptop can be securely stored in the backpack, some have stated they’ve had problems getting a 15 inch laptop in snugly. Yet, for those quirks, even the most jaded customer has taken this product to be a durable and dependable high end backpack.

This is also an excellent option for long distance, light travel. For backpack luggage, the Access Backpack makes for a great carry on. Spacious, the backpack can hold clothes, a camera and other travel accessories. Or better, stuff it into your suitcase and use it on the return trip for the gifts and souvenirs you’re bound to purchase.

There is one thing to be confident about with the Access Backpack. You won’t be leaving anything behind, regardless of the trip or adventure. It’s a pack and go product that will get you through the day AND hold up on adventures in the woods and high terrain. There is no better solution for store and go. A sporty and rugged design, the Access Backpack is the choice for any active lifestyle.

High Sierra Access Backpack 03High Sierra Access Backpack 04Since 1978, High Sierra has been developing the gear you can count on. Whether you’re an enthusiast or professional of outdoor sports, love adventure travel, or have specific daily needs for business or school, you can count on High Sierra for uncompromising innovation and a commitment to high quality, producing product that’s led them to become one of the world’s most trusted brands.

If you need to know where to buy backpacks, High Sierra is the place to go. The Access Backpack is just one of their best selling, well regarded products. Lumbar packs, hydration packs, sophisticated and sporty luggage, duffel bags, totes and messengers are all on the menu. It doesn’t matter if you need it for a kid backpack, travel or outdoor gear, find the tool that fits your needs among the multitude of High Sierra quality products.



Though a school focused daypack with excellent organization capability, this is no ordinary school bag. The High Sierra Access Backpack has its daisy chain for attaching accessories, a sternum strap that allows stabilization of the bag, close to 3,000 cubic inches of capacity and a VAPEL mesh padded back panel with an air vent. It will fit the bill in a multitude of situations that require carrying gear.

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