Eagle Creek Packable Daypack Review

Eagle Creek Packable Daypack 05Eagle Creek Packable Daypack 04For day to day use around the city, the Eagle Creek Packable Daypack is one of the top back packs in the lightweight market right now. This bag has a high capacity for a packable daypack, but is able to be folded down small enough to easily store when it is not in use. This makes it a great bag to take with you while traveling as it allows you to bring a day’s worth of items with you without hauling around a large, bulky bag.

While this is one of the best quality backpacks for use in a city environment, I would caution against using it in the extreme outdoors. A number of the best day backpack reviews have given this a pack a lower rating on durability when faced with outdoor situations compared to its competition. For city and travel use, the bag remained highly praised.

How I Used This Bag

My best friend and I took a two week trip to California and we needed something that would be practical to carry around with us all day long while being able to hold everything we’ll need. The Eagle Creek Daypack was perfect because it was so light weight that it felt like it was barely there but still was able to hold everything that my buddy and I had to have, including cameras, food and a small laptop.


I enjoyed using this backpack as a day bag because it was so comfortable that many times I completely forgot that I had it on. We did not have a vehicle there and generally relied on public transportation so it was important to have a spacious bag that was able to be worn for most of the day. Apart from a few small scuffs from being repeatedly set down on hard surfaces, this is one of the best quality backpacks I have seen in a while as it held up well to tough traveling usage.

What Makes This Bag Unique

Eagle Creek Packable Daypack 03Eagle Creek Packable Daypack 02Eagle Creek really delivered with this packable daypack. It has a resilient light weight design that is comfortable to use and very efficient to travel with thanks to the small size that it compacts down to when empty.

Some of the notable features of the Eagle Creek Packable Daypack include:

  • When empty, it folds down to fit inside of its own front pocket for easy storing
  • Contains comfortable shoulder straps made out of mesh material
  • It is made out of 100% nylon (click here for more backpacks made out of nylon)
  • The backpack is 9.5”x16.5”x4.5” in size when open and weights just six ounces
  • Ideal for a secondary backpack or daypack

This is a simple bag with just two storage areas, but that is exactly what this pack is designed to do – be one of the top back packs on the market in the light weight category. Most supplies can be kept in the large main storage area, whereas documents and other small items which need quick accessibility can be stored in the outside pocket.

Is This Bag Good For Things Other Than Traveling?

Eagle Creek Packable Daypack 02Eagle Creek Packable Daypack 01Yes, this bag is great for a number of different uses. Many people use this as a lightweight bag while commuting around their own town, biking or even simply going to the grocery store. It is great for any situation where a light weight pack is needed to conveniently carry things with you. By being easily compacted when it is not in use, this bag is great for people who use it daily, but can also be stored out of the way by users who only need it occasionally. This is considered by many consumers the best day bag for the urban lifestyle because it is durable while still being light enough to not be a burden during long uses. At the same time, the Eagle Creek Packable Daypack is big enough to bring along everything you’ll need for a normal day’s journey.


Do I Recommend This Backpack?

For anyone who needs a bag to bring with them during the day while traveling or simply on their normal commute, definitely. This backpack is so lightweight that it makes carrying your stuff simple and less of a burden than with bigger, bulkier bags. In addition to being a light back, its design and comfortable mesh shoulder straps make it nearly effortless to carry with you for extended amounts of time. If you’re looking for one of the top back packs on the market today, then you don’t need to look much further than the Eagle Creek Packable Daypack. Its lightweight design offers the perfect combination of comfort, storage space and durability.

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