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Aqua-Quest ‘Mariner’ Backpack Review

Aqua-Quest-Mariner-01When it comes to the very best in 100 percent waterproof outdoor gear, the first stop in your quest should be Aqua-Quest. They are a leading designer and manufacturer of the some of the finest outdoor, waterproof gear on the market. They engineer everything from backpacks for men to dry bags and travel accessories.

Based in Taoyuan, Taiwan, Aqua-Quest strives to maintain a leadership position among their peers. And they continue to do just that with products like the Aqua-Quest Mariner Waterproof Backpack Dry Bag Day Pack. This lightweight backpack is a standout. Constructed from a durable PVC material, it is capable of withstanding intense abuse during even the most arduous adventure.

Aqua-Quest-Mariner-02This green backpack product, which also comes in yellow and black, has been tested and proven by over 10,000 satisfied customers that have driven it through the wildest conditions from Antarctica to Africa and returned to say that the Mariner delivers. These are surfers, boaters, hikers, tri-athletes, hunters, fishermen, kayakers, cyclists, hikers, commuters, swimmers and just about any other adventurer looking for the best way to safeguard their gear.


The Mariner has the capacity of being both a duffle bag and backpack. With dimensions of approximately 600 cubic inches, it can safely hold everything from food to clothing and all your other necessities. Yet, with a weight of 0.8 pounds, it promises to be as comfy as a backpack of this size will ever be.

Aqua-Quest-Mariner-03Among its many great features are dual carrying styles, meaning it has both shoulder straps and a duffle style handle. The straps are fully adjustable, proving outstanding comfort for all body shapes and sizes. It has an airtight seal which has to be sufficiently closed to ensure no leakage. This consists of a clip and buckle system. Aqua-Quest guarantees that if it does end up in the water, it will float and the contents will stay dry. This is due to the fact that the Mariner is made of a puncture resistant PVC fabric that has an airtight seal with a convenient and simple roll down closure. (more PVC backpacks – click here)

This same feature also allows making these waterproof backpacks roomier. For more content room, roll the top fewer times. For better water protection, roll it more times, though there will be less room in the pack. In either situation, your items will remain dry, whether it’s in heavy rain or the backpack is lying in the snow.

Aqua-Quest-Mariner-04Unfortunately, the Mariner has no inner or outer pockets. It would have been convenient if there were a couple of unique compartments for car keys, a water bottle or other quickly needed tools. As it stands, anything you’d need will require digging through the backpack. Yet, overall, this is probably the Mariner’s only drawback, which still makes it an excellent choice for your next outdoor adventure.

Take note that this bag is not merely for kayaking and mountain climbing. It’s an excellent solution for everyday use. If you bike ride to work or school, the Mariner will protect your personal effects from all types of foul weather. For around $30, this waterproof green backpack is a dry bag that will never let you down.

Aqua-Quest-Mariner-06When it comes to the design of waterproof backpacks, Aqua-Quest is the premier designer. Starting with a series of unique closure systems and using their own fabrics, they engineer the most efficient and functional water tight sealed backpacks.

With a team of outdoor activists on staff, they maintain a keen awareness of what makes good gear and what outdoor adventurers need. So Aqua-Quest gives detail to double bar tacked stress points. They provide high visibility reflective straps and logos. They look for designs of comfort as these durable packs will be carried for great distances. They perfect the contour shoulders and padded waste straps. They make sure it’s as versatile for everyday use, test packing necessary amounts to ensure the backpack isn’t heavy or cumbersome. To fully prep its durability, Aqua-Quest took the Mariner into the harshest terrains of Canada.






So … it’s time to gear up! It’s time to see why more and more of the world’s best adventurers look to Aqua-Quest for their waterproof solutions, keeping valuables safe, clean and dry from the foulest elements. The Aqua-Quest Mariner Waterproof Backpack Dry Bag Day Pack, available at select specialty retailers, along with its many other quality systems, are the perfect choice whether you’re an enthusiast or professional in the world of tramping, kayaking, surfing, rafting, search and rescue, diving, cycling, hiking, mountain biking, multi sport, boating or tourism.