Aqua-Quest ‘The Sport’ Backpack Review

Zemanta Related Posts ThumbnailThe Aqua-Quest ‘The Sport’ Waterproof Backpack Dry Bag – 30 L Charcoal Model is yet another outstanding product from the manufacturer. Considered one of the leading producers of high end backpacks and travel accessories, Aqua-Quest has gone above and beyond here. This quality designer hiking bag is engineered from superb materials, has great features and is guaranteed to be 100 percent waterproof.

Promising long lasting performance, the Sport is constructed of abrasion resistant oxford rip stop fabric. This material has proven to withstand even the most foul opponents, ranging from heavy rain to submersion. There is also a TPU laminate and DuPont DWR Coating, giving it superb impermeability and strength. There are reflective safety logs, bar tacked stress points and easy to adjust contour shoulders and padded waste straps so that the Sport comfortably fits any male or female body size and type.


Aqua-Quest 'The Sport' Backpack 02With a sleek, minimalistic design, the Sport is lightweight and extremely comfortable. Outside of a lack of inside pockets for better organization of personal items, there is no downside to its engineering. It’s multi-functional, ready for use as everything from a camping bag to keeping gear dry and safe while hunting, fishing, cycling or surfing. Aqua-Quest is known for designing the very best in quality 100 percent waterproof outdoor equipment.

With two external bottle pouches, the Sport is durable with a high end back. Its waterproof sealing consists of Velcro layers that are rolled and clipped. The more times it’s rolled, the more secure the sealing. On the other hand, the fewer times rolled the more room in this big backpack. Of course, with a cubic inch capacity of 1800, there will be plenty of room for anything you’d want or need.

Aqua-Quest 'The Sport' Backpack 04A good hiking bag is critical to the adventure. The true outdoor enthusiast cannot be derailed by even bad weather. They push forward. Only discovering later that their contents have been damaged by leakage can the adventure be dimmed. This is why waterproofing and securing the gear is so important.

The difference between water resistant and waterproofing is the difference between walking in the rain and dropping the backpack in a river. The water resistant material will keep the moisture of rain out, but it’s unlikely been engineered to withstand the rush of a large body of water like a river or even a puddle or melted snow. Waterproofed materials block water, preventing it from getting to the contents.

Quality backpacks aren’t always waterproof, so be sure to examine the label and description carefully. Watch out for backpacks sprayed with polyurethane. Regardless of the coating, that only makes the dry bag water resistant, not waterproof. Blends like nylon and polyester are strong materials that, when weaved together, make for excellent waterproofing.

Aqua-Quest 'The Sport' Backpack 06Seaming is also important. Seams should be welded, not sewn. Seams that have been sewn will negate any potential waterproofing capabilities altogether. Aqua-Quest knows this, making sure the Sport will make it through any planned trip involving wet areas. Once the rain stops, you will be able to change into dry clothes. Even better, the manufacturer promises you’ll never need to build a fire and discover either your food or matches have been destroyed.

Aqua-Quest is a well respected industry leader in the manufacturer of children and adult backpacks with highly functional dry systems. In the case of the Aqua-Quest ‘The Sport’ Waterproof Backpack Dry Bag – 30 L Charcoal Model, they have certainly proven they’ve earned the reputation. With a one year manufacturer’s warranty, the company stands behind the Sport, confident it will meet any outdoor and sports criteria. (click here for more 30L backpacks)

Aqua-Quest 'The Sport' Backpack 03This excellent backpack isn’t merely for adventures. Roll up a pair of jeans, sneakers and shower accessories for the trip to the gym after work. It will safely hold a laptop and other personal devices. The Sport is a multi-functional dry bag system that will not only protect your gear from foul weather, but from sweat and moisture that accumulates on the body.



Aqua-Quest 'The Sport' Backpack 05And Aqua-Quest has a unique rep for customer service. They’ve been known to directly contact customers that the company has heard was having problems with one of their backpacks. When was the last time a company called you to resolve a problem without hearing from you first? There’s no denying when you enter the world of Aqua-Quest, you can expect an exceptional experience that will stand head and tails above the competition. If you’re ready to take your adventure to the next level, you want the Aqua-Quest ‘The Sport’ Waterproof Backpack Dry Bag – 30 L Charcoal Model.

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