Discover Your Next Waterproof Backpack: Ultimate Backpack Comparison Guide!


A waterproof backpack has become a great solution for traveling adventurers. While the fact is they can be used by anyone for transporting any and all personal effects in a minimized amount of space, where waterproof backpacks truly show their strength is when they are confronted by foul, unexpected weather conditions.

With these backpacks, eliminate the need for covers to protect the outside of the bag. Nor will you need to individually safeguard contents against the weather. The backpack has been engineered to tackle the worst possible circumstances. Yet, they are lightweight and comfortable.

During a trip, it would be unfortunate to go into a traditional backpack and discover the worst. Know that when you strap on one of these waterproof backpacks, you need not concern yourself with the safety of your laptop, camera or food. It will not matter if your next adventure is in the woods, rock climbing, on a boat or snorkeling, these backpacks are the ultimate answer. Sturdy enough to swim with yet has function and style that makes it equally practical for any individual that loves the open air.

Ultimate Waterproof Backpack Guide and Key

Included in the matrix are 7 columns:

  • Waterproof  Backpack Picture
  • Backpack brand and name – (click to view more details or to purchase)
  • Capacity of Backpack (Liters / Cubical inches)
  • Weight – lbs
  • Material – which backpack is made of
  • Ratings – The average user rating on This can be very helpful in deciding if people are satisfied with their purchase
  • Price – This are approximate prices on This change frequently based on availability, special promotions, and more.  But generally speaking: $ = under $20, $$ = $20 to $40, $$$ = $40 to $60, $$$$ = $60+

*Click on any of the columns to sort the data to help make your decision easier

ImagesWaterptoof BackpacsCapacity (L / cu. In.)Weight (lbs)MaterialRatingPrice (US Dollars)
Aqua-Quest ‘Mariner’ Backpack Full Review10/6000.8Durable PVC Tarplin4.6$$
Outlander Travel Backpack Full Review20.5/12600.5Nylon4.5$
Aqua-Quest ‘Mariner’ Backpack Full Review20/12001.1Durable PVC Tarplin3.5$$
Aqua-Quest ‘The Sport’ Backpack Full Review30/18001.5Nylon4.2$$$$
High Sierra Access Backpack Full Review46/28502Nylon4.4$$$
ExtremePak Heavy-Duty Backpack Full Review25/15432.8Nylon3.9$$
OverBoard Waterproof Pro-Sport Backpack Full Review30/18001PVC coated Nylon4.9$$$
Aqua-Quest 'The Himal' Full Review (part 1)
Aqua-Quest `The Himal’ Full Review (part 2)
Aqua-Quest ‘The Stylin’ Full Review30/18001.8Nylon With TPU Coating4.7$$$$
High Sierra Loop Backpack Full Review10/6002Waterproof Fabric4.4$$

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Waterproof Backpacks

When embarking on an adventure, the last thing you need to worry about in transit are your essentials. These unique backpacks are designed for the utmost durability and comfort for the wearer with outstanding features while being highly effective in safeguarding contents from the outside world.

They are rugged and standard features can be adjustable waist bands and pockets for on-the-go items like water. They will be sufficiently padded and the straps, which should be adjustable as well, make it easy to fit so that no matter the load, it will never throw you off balance.

With numerous defenses against the weather, including moisture resistance interiors and air tight sealing, these backpacks will change the way you travel. These backpacks are well constructed with enough room to fit everything you’ll need and more. They will withstand the most torrential rain. Set the bag in the snow knowing your gear is perfectly safe.

These backpacks come in a multitude of styles, colors and fashions, as well as sizes. Some might have features better suited to water sports. Others may be better for hiking and mountain climbing. A little investigation will help determine what type of backpack is perfect for your adventure.

How to Choose Your Waterproof Backpack

Choosing between the many waterproof backpacks is no harder than choosing traditional packs. You want something that fits your needs and has durability and comfort. You’re looking for outstanding craftsmanship and superb performance. The water resistant material needs to be 100 percent resistant, even if it does come with some kind of tarp. It needs to thick enough, but lightweight. There should be an internal frame, padded hip belts, a contoured and/or padded back and padded shoulder straps. One of the most convenient features are going to be compartments. When organized, they can determine whether you can get to items quickly. No one wants to dig through the backpack looking for car keys or a needed flashlight. Compartments should have lockable zippers for security purposes. Size should be determined by its purpose and your body proportion. Too big or small and you won’t be able to distribute its weight evenly with yours. Waterproof backpacks can cost between $30 and $300. Brand names like North Face will always cost more than generic product.

Top 5 Waterproof Backpacks

  • Waterproof DryCASE Backpack

    16If you’re using this backpack, it doesn’t matter if you’re climbing, surfing or trekking. What matters is you’ll have one less thing to worry about. The DryCASE is a medium-sized water resistant backpack engineered with great features. Though it fits almost any situation, it’s a definite plus if you’re surfing, kayaking or running. It has four pockets and weighs 2.4 pounds. The main pocket is wide enough to hold a laptop or other personal device of up to 15 inches. It has a simple design with a pocket-filled, padded dry bag that can carry up to 30 liters of gear. Load the gear, roll and lock the lid, then squeeze out any excess air with the valve. Don’t expect perfection though. While the DryCASE can boast protecting gear from foul elements and does so quite effectively, after a test where it was submerged in water for a quarter hour, the clothing was definitely damp. The compartment for storing wet gear is a little too small. Still, this is an excellent option for the cost, which will be somewhere in the vicinity of $80. 

Click Here for Full Review and  Pricing


  • Phantom Aquatics Premium Waterproof Backpacks Dry Bag

    11The Phantom is all roll top 100 percent waterproof. Dropped in water, it floats safely. It protects not just against water, but dust, dirt and sand. With lumbar support and padded shoulder straps, it’s as comfortable as it gets. There are super reflective patches on both shoulder straps and the front of the bag. Perfect for all water sports and other physical activities, it holds 25 liters in a seamlessly constructed, two way sealing system. It comes with three color options, blue, black and yellow. For about $50, it’s a good buy and will deliver on its promises. The downsides are it’s not visually appealing. Straps and Velcro seem to hang haphazardly around the unit. This gives it a somewhat awkward and clumsy appearance. A little more attention to the details could have made a vast improvement. Still, it is equipped with an outer elasticized mesh side pocket and top carry handle. The back panel is designed to maximize air flow.

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  • Speedo Performance Pro Backpack

    21If you’re on the prowl for a multi-purpose and water resistant journeyman backpack, Speedo has the one for you. It has multiple storage pockets and a rubberized bottom. There are media pockets specially insulated to protect your electronic devices from foul weather. The shoulder straps are anatomically shaped, promising a comforting, relaxed fit. For an average $45, it was designed with the swimmer in mind. That’s why it has an internal pocket for wet clothes and one for dry. Side pockets hold water, goggles, snacks and more. There are a multitude of colors, including pink and neon lime. On the negative side, it would be nice if the waist and chest straps were removable because they aren’t always needed. Otherwise, this is a sturdy solution for any outdoor enthusiast.

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  • VISM by NcStar Tactical Back Pack

    22The Tactical Back Pack is heavyweight polyester with six side pouches, making content access as simplified as it gets. It has two side handles, a waist belt, padded shoulder straps and a top carry handle. The main compartment has a large clam shell zipper. There’s an internal zippered pocket and a divided compartment separated for a hydration bladder. Plenty of ample storage room for all your necessities and accessories. The modular system is made up of front pockets and PAL compatible webbing. It breathes nicely, sitting comfortable on the back. Take note that at a little over $30, this backpack isn’t for the serious adventurer. It’s been known to see wear under less than strenuous circumstances. Yet with its tons of space, practical arrangement of pockets and fairly decent durability for the average user, it’s a bargain at the price.

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  • Allen Company Pagosa Day Pack

    23This waterproof backpack gets high marks in customer satisfaction. For less than $35, it’s hydration ready with 1600 cu in capacity. It has quiet zippers and mesh ventilated shoulder straps. The bungee system allows the packing of extra clothes. The waterproof fabric will sufficiently protect your belongings, though this product wasn’t necessarily designed for submersion. The waist belt adjusts to 54 inches. There are mesh ventilated hip pads with pockets and side pockets for radios. This one proves we’ve come a long way from a few nylon straps attached to a dry bag. With the ease of use of a traditional backpack with all the advance and comfort features you’d need on your adventure, this waterproof item at the price stands a head above the others. There have been some complaints about the large zipper being a little too large and that there are no small compartments for securing items you might not want moving around, or for small items like chapstick, pocket knives or car keys. Essentially items you don’t want to go digging around for in larger compartments.


It’s Your Turn!

Your adventure begins the second you strap the backpack on. The true journeyman takes that first step determined to not let anything get in the way. They are going to slop through mud, push through snow and rain, cross bodies of water and transverse any other challenge that comes between them and that final destination.They can do so with confidence knowing the gear on their back is ready to go, that when it’s time for a drink or a needed tool, it can be accessed easily. Most importantly, when it’s time to change a shirt, they’ll reach in and find a fresh one with no trace of dampness, let alone signs of leakage. They won’t have to worry about reaching in to discover food has been destroyed because somehow foul elements seeped in through seams and cracks, that the materials simply weren’t engineered to stand the pressure.The value of a good waterproof backpack cannot be underestimated. Hiking in Cambodia, walking to the top of a mountain or exploring rain forests in Latin America, the potential threat to your supplies is always there. You definitely want to make sure the challenge isn’t disrupted by something like a poorly constructed backpack that wasn’t ready for a light rain. Waterproof backpacks offer a cloud of security that gives an adventurer a lot less to worry about.

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